On September 12, 2017 UPSA ACO LLC has entered into a joint venture agreement with US Cardiovascular Management, LLC (and its members: US Cardiovascular Investments, LLC; CVASA Investments, LLC; UPSA ACO, LLC) in a Cardiac Catheterization Quality Initiative whereby they will jointly operate a cardiac catheterization laboratory (“Cath Lab”) that will: (a) promote accountability for the quality, cost, and greater overall care for the Medicare patient population represented in the MSSP operated by UPSA ACO through the implementation of standard cardiac protocols for all providers, especially its primary care providers, participating within the ACO; (b) manage and coordinate care by including outpatient cardiology services within the ACO’s continuum of care; (c) reduce the cost of cardiac catheterization services by providing them in an outpatient setting as opposed to a hospital setting; (d) require ACO participating providers to obtain cardiac catheterization services through the Cath Lab when appropriate for applicable ACO patients; (e) increase the quality of care through the development and implementation of cardiac protocols across the ACO’s primary care providers; (f) promote greater patient satisfaction through improved quality of care and reduced patient costs; and (g) distribute outcomes data among the ACO participating providers to ensure continued modification and improvement of cardiac protocols based on the outcomes of services provided through the joint venture arrangement.

At UPSA ACO we believe...

  • In promoting wellness, not just treating illness.
  • Care teams should be coordinated.
  • Patients are the most important member of the care team.
  • The best care doesn't have to cost the most.

UPSA ACO is an organization that was formed to provide a patient-centered health care team focused on helping patients achieve their best health.

At UPSA ACO, our doctors collaborate, share information, coordinate treatment, and strive to eliminate duplicate, unwanted, and unnecessary services. The goal of this approach is a more informed care team, better care, and a more convenient and less invasive experience for our patients.